Tavlan (The Painting)

Tavlan (The Painting) is the first short film from Sundsvall film collective Nordic Narrative. I was the cinematographer and colourist on this comedy short.

Dykes Brewery - Film title

Dykes Brewery

A tale of a father and son turning their passion for brewing beer into a real business. This is the story of the Dykes Brewery.
This job was a challenge to my video production skills and a challenge to my sobriety being surrounded by such great beer.

I See Eternity

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated New York.  During the week leading up to the storm I shot this series of Timelapse videos.
Shot on Canon 5dmkii, sounds recorded on H4. Edited in Adobe Premiere, tweaked in After Effects.

Barco Uniti

This video was shot over one day with Blekinge’s amazing radiology team demonstrating the importance of Barco Uniti displays in their work.