Are You Breathing Under Water

Filmed on location on Pipeline in Sundsvall, Sweden. Are You Breathing Under Water is taken from the double vinyl album “Black Silhouettes”.

Dykes Brewery - Film title

Dykes Brewery

A tale of a father and son turning their passion for brewing beer into a real business. This is the story of the Dykes Brewery.
This job was a challenge to my video production skills and a challenge to my sobriety being surrounded by such great beer.

Vikten av Hassan

This series documents the journey of Hassan Mouline from 100kg 7 year old to bodybuilding inspiration. My primary role was editor, but I also did the colour grading, sound and titles.
‘Vikten av Hassan’ is a documentary series from Norwegian filmmaker Gunnar Hall Jensen in association with Film Västernorrland.

Don’t You Fall In Love

Don’t You Fall in Love is a collaboration with the indie band The Confusions. This was an ambitious project that pulled out all the stops.

Årets Bild

Promo for Årets Bild (Picture of the Year) announcing Sundsvall as host in 2014. The film was shown at the 2013 ceremony in Trollhätten.
Shot over a few freezing weekends with @Terje_Lindblom and Aviatorfoto.

Barco Uniti

This video was shot over one day with Blekinge’s amazing radiology team demonstrating the importance of Barco Uniti displays in their work.