Canon 6d moire and aliasing

Canon 6D Moire and Aliasing

In this short test I’m putting the Canon 6D up against a 5DMKii to view differences in moire and aliasing.

Many HDSLR shooters got excited by the announcement of the 6D, assuming it to be a decent alternative to the 5Dmkiii.
However… it appeared that the Canon 6D moire and aliasing problems were present.

The more expensive brother, the 5Dmkiii, shoots clean but the moire and aliasing issues we’re seeing on the 6D mirror the problems that plagued the 5Dmkii.

I’ve been playing with the 6D for a month or so now and admit there are noticeable artefacts that make the camera less than awesome for shooting video.
These problems are greatly reduced when shooting with a picture style that compensates for the problem.

In the test I flip between the Cinestyle picture style, Neutral and Standard.
Read about the Cinestyle preset here:

So the 6D is not quite a 5Dmkiii, nor is there a giant leap in video quality between the mkii and the 6D.
The ISO range is a game changer though and the price is easier to swallow.

The 6D is still a perfectly usable camera for video but less than perfect for perfectionists 😉

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