Canon 6D ISO 3200

Canon 6D ISO Video Comparison

Having just got my hands on a Canon 6D I thought I’d test out the ISO.
The idea is to see how well the camera performs in a low light situation when shooting video.

This test isn’t entirely scientific, just going through the camera’s native ISO range, then judging how the camera reacts panning from dark to light. The Canon 6D can shoot up to a whopping 12800 ISO, yet still produces acceptable footage with little noise. The results are impressive.

After using a Canon 5D MKII for a few years now I was looking to find a replacement, or at least a backup. The Canon 5D MKIII may seem the natural choice, but a bit out of my price range. Other than a few key features, I didn’t consider the MKIII a huge leap forwards for shooting video.

Enter the Canon 6D which offers many of the attractions of the MKIII, such as full frame, digic 5+ processor and an insane ISO range.
One real selling point is the inclusion of GPS and Wifi, bringing the potential for remote shooting/viewing. A feature absent on the MKIII.

A downside is the moire/aliasing problems that plagued the MKII haven’t really improved on the 6D, but they have on the MKIII. In my next 6D video test I intend to put the moire/aliasing issues and under the microscope.


You can download the original full HD clip of the ISO test on Vimeo if you want to give it a proper look. Vimeo compresses 1080 clips to 720.
Alternatively… here’s a zip containing screenshots from the original clips: Canon 6D ISO

I’m using a 50mm 1.4 lens at a shutter speed of 1/50 s.
Also… using the CineStyle picture style which you can grab from here:

I hope to post more tests as I get to know the camera better, meanwhile drop a question in the comments if there’s something you want to ask about the Canon 6D.

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