Socila Media Manifesto

Social workshops in Sundsvall

Socila Media Manifesto

Attendees sign our Social Media Manifesto and promise to build a more social web.

Over the last year I teamed up with Meteor PR for a challenge that took us all across Västernorrland. The mission was to hold web and social media meet-ups for small businesses.

We knew that some of these guys lived in the wild and didn’t use email whilst others were parts of large organisations that relied on the web for their business. Our job was to make sure that everyone went away with something.

The plan is that local entrepreneurs bringing business to the region become better online and meet the expectations of modern web users.

The result is that attendees walk away with enough knowledge, inspiration and experience to supercharge their web presence.

Getting social with the locals

Kent Lövgren showing local entrepreneurs how to set up a Facebook business page.

For more details about the scheme visit

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